Frosty Fall Mornings Make Me Miss the Beach!

I can’t believe that fall has arrived so quickly! It feels like just a few weeks ago it was Summer; no stress from back to school and no frosty mornings! In the small town I live in, we woke up to 39 degree weather! This frosty morning gave me inspiration for this blog post. I wanted to share some images and videos of our trip to Clearwater with you all. I hope you enjoy!!img_5866

My fiance` and I decided to take our boys to Clearwater, Fl. for a four day weekend. It was our first time visiting the ocean together! We definitely had a blast watching the “J boys” splash around in the warm salt water and build sand castles in the warm, white sand, for hours at a time.

img_5869Our youngest son’s name is Ja’Koby, he’s five years old and this was his first time visiting the ocean! He loved EVERYTHING about the water! He spent hours upon hours jumping over waves or trying to “catch” them. Six weeks later he still asks when we can go back to the beach!!


Ja’Koby is a natural “fish.”


Our oldest Ja’Haven has been blessed to visit the ocean several times before this trip. He was happy to lead the way and show his little brother the ropes when it came down to shell hunting and building quality sand castles!

img_5863When we weren’t playing in the sand, the boys were enjoying some activities at the peer at Clearwater Beach. On Sunday, we took a small boat out on Tampa Bay, explored Beer Can Island, and even saw dolphins swimming in the big body of water on the way home! A thunderstorm had us soaked by the time we made it to return the boat rental place but it was more exciting than anything!

I’m blessed and so happy to be able to have given these boys an experience I never had at their age.  I hope you all enjoyed the images of the J boys from our trip! I will continue to give you all a little glimpse into the life we are designing for our family! Until next time stay PRETTY!



CC454587-5623-43E0-9197-6AD59C990B78Hey everyone I know it’s been quite some time, I transitioned into a leadership role in nursing. It has been nothing less than a blessing, however, it required me to sacrifice a season of my life and focus on getting the facility I run stable. It was a process and well worth the time and effort. Now that it’s stable, I am ready to continue posting here to share with you all the beauty products and services and also the lifestyle I promised I would deliver!AC66B078-FEAE-4789-BDE7-13D3D47FB2F7

As you all know, its that time of year when a lot of us with children are out preparing our little ones to go back to school. While out this past weekend I was shopping for my sons, “The J Boys” and I happened to come across some goodies for myself! I walked past the clearance makeup and a label caught my eye! Three words: ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS.A1E95AA3-701E-4EA8-BBB3-86756B6AB7C1

This brand owned by the gorgeous Norvina, has been one that I’ve been wanting to try for sometime! All of the famous makeup artists promote this brand and support Norvina! However, keeping my money is important to me, I just COULD NOT bring myself to spend $20 for a tube of lipstick! Well I got lucky this past weekend and received two tubes for a total of $6!!! 4620AC0D-90DB-447F-9A06-60AF9A787EC6

WHAT A STEAL!!! Thus far, I have only had time to test one color with a full face of makeup, which is, the purple shade “Madison.” I wore this color to church this past Sunday, as well as, the lake in 80 degree weather for a few hours. After sipping coffee in church and drinking plenty fluids during our trip to the lake the lipstick remained on for about 8-10 hours! I love a long lasting lipstick! These two shades are also a matte texture, therefore there is no shine and it doesn’t feel sticky. It also feels light, doesn’t feel heavy even after two coats! F88A35C4-C318-4827-AD74-7991B6ADF9C3

I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for more steals and share with you all my reviews! Thank you for stopping back in and supporting THE PRETTY MOM BLOG! Until next time stay ROCKIN PRETTY PEOPLE! 79CAC3A5-8785-4318-8C3D-19D0EE1F3F18




Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Taking some time this morning to tell you all about my results after trying the newest trend for curly hair DEVACURL!46B3E4EC-FA77-4703-894B-CFA21810B602

I am so pleased with this product! My natural hair is curly with a lot of volume. Unfortunately I had an itch to try blonde hair a few years ago. Well the bleach, along with high heat used during styling, completely stripped my hair of its texture and volume. After two years of being blonde, I went back to my natural black hair, but I have been having a hard time rebuilding the texture after the damage I had caused! 9DFBCF48-E58B-485B-A4C4-588ED2E0BA3C

This is three years after the blonde hair. You can see that my curls are very stringy and look dry. Not as much volume as the natural condition of my hair.A9BD649F-7707-4196-BF16-CC89BC4DA971

This is one month after using the DevaCurl, Curl for all kind kit! I have noticed a tremendous difference in the texture and condition of my curls! I must admit I was extremely skeptical about the “No- poo” cleanser at first. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how my hair would be clean if it wasn’t a shampoo! I was so wrong!  The natural ingredients of mint and other extracts get your hair clean and gives your scalp an awesome tingling sensation and smells so refreshing during the process! CC51D5AC-12CB-4291-8AFB-B437C985B68B

What I love about the styling cream and defining gel, is that these products do not weigh your hair down or give it a crackling texture after it dries. Some products I’ve used over the years, have given my hair a hair spray like hold, which appears to flatten the curls. These products really moisturize your hair and give your  hair a lot of volume. You know what they say, “Big hair, don’t care!”918F4DFF-A9AA-46FA-9EB8-F457D13A160B

My absolute favorite thing about the DevaCurl brand is that it’s a product we can all use. A lot of women of many cultures and different textures of hair are having the same results! I made my purchase for this kit via Amazon and definitely will be purchasing again! Thank you all for taking the time to read today! Be sure to share this post with a curly hair girl or a mom of a curly hair girl! Until next time STAY PRETTY!


Happy Tuesday folks! I’ve been so busy picking up nursing shifts I hadn’t had much time to play in the newest makeup box I received this month! So here it goes I hope you all enjoy! 62619C46-4E9B-4BBA-96B4-534760EB2441

Definitely feeling “BAECATION” ready with these bright colors!

I love the tropical theme they chose for the month of March. It was a great way to get us ready for the change in seasons with the arrival of Spring. They hit the spot with the eye shadow palette by PUR COSMETICS. I was able to bring some vibrancy into the look I created using the shades “MIA” and “DUET.”6860AC61-6890-41E7-A7CB-8B9AC7765337

I was able to create a great Smokey  eye by using the Smokey Eye Makeup Brush Set by THE VINTAGE COSMETIC COMPANY. The smudger brush was perfect in helping blend the darker color into the bright blue without overpowering either color. Love, love, love the way my eyes turned out using these products! 0AC58565-6D34-4CD8-B4E0-EC769B99A794

Two words. DOUBLE DECKER! This mascara by BUTTER LONDON is EVERYTHING!! I wear lashes but it gave me the volume and structure to place my lashes on and really make my eyes “pop!”

Lastly the shade “Make Me Blush” by PRETTY VULGAR gave me the perfect hint of pink to my cheeks without taking away from the highlight and contour I was achieving for this look! 2C143003-5BB5-47DE-B9DB-E8B665E3B177

I am so obsessed with this makeup box! I received $115 worth of products in FULL SIZES for only $21 this month! It’s definitely a great way to keep up with the trends in beauty and makeup without spending a fortune! CLICK LINK BELOW TO GET SIGNED UP FOR YOUR FIRST BOX!


THANK YOU ALL FOR TUNING IN! Stay pretty! Pretty girls rock!


My New Affordable Makeup Addiction!! I’m obsessed!

Hey loves! Happy Thursday! So I recently had my first photo shoot, I was so excited, but a little worried when it came to doing my makeup! I didn’t know what colors or brands to use or what would look good under the lights.

I had just received a new palette in the mail a few days before and decided to give it a shot! 3813E714-2783-4B8A-AE91-10734FFD35D0

The brand is DECK OF SCARLET. It’s a new makeup line where you subscribe bimonthly, and get a new palette that includes makeup for a FULL FACE, for less than $30. The palette is valued at $142!!! 51BEA4C0-5BDD-4739-9CEC-B7C4082467BB

I absolutely love the sleek and artistic packaging. Definitely convenient to carry in a makeup case. And as you can see the palette itself is shaped like a card. You collect each card until you get a full DECK! Clever idea!! CD3880AB-7B31-405D-A07B-67481C4A420A

As you can see I got excited and used mine but you can see how beautiful the colors are!

Deck of Scarlet features makeup artists for their palettes. For this particular palette they collaborated with an artist named Nikkia Joy, who is known for her sizzling eye makeup! You can see why the midnight sky was used as the theme for this palette! 648DE865-54F8-4774-B29C-DF7E183C6FA2

Definitely love the Smokey eye look I was able to achieve using this palette!! The stardust gave me the perfect glow on my cheeks and nose! I was worried about the lighting when using a highlighter so my cheeks turned out perfect! I’m also very pleased with the eyeliner that came with the palette!7C1114E5-BC98-4714-B320-5A0183747988

One of my photos from the shoot. I love the way the makeup looks under the lights and I think it definitely helped give a very intriguing look in this particular photo. I’m so pleased with this brand. I love everything about it and it’s AFFORDABLE! If you are interested in trying out this brand please check out the link below!!

I want one!!!

Thank you all for taking the time and following! Please let me know what your favorite part of this post was!!

Top five ways to “KILL IT” as a working mom and entrepreneur!

Hey lovelies! Happy Sunday! I hope today brings you peace and relaxation before this coming work week! This topic has been on my mind heavy as we are going into the third month of the year! As you all know, I’m a mother of two little boys, I work as a registered nurse full time, and an building a business as an entrepreneur part time. I wanted to share some ways that this year has already been so much better for me as I was recently reflecting on what I’ve done different. So here are MY top FIVE WAYS to KILL IT this year! 2FDEF030-6555-4AAF-B6B5-5D8F08782C2E


The number one goal for me in 2018 was to sleep less. By sleeping less, there is more time in the day to be productive. I work minimum four twelve hour night shifts a week, on my days off I get up at 4AM. On these mornings I’m able to meditate, workout, clean my house, meal prep for the week, and also shower with peace and quiet before it’s time for me to get my kids up and ready for the day.

Some others things I do on these mornings include, organizing my schedule for the day, recording videos for tutorials, and sometimes I work on these blog posts. They say you work your job from 9-5 and work on your dreams from 5-9. In my case it’s 4am-7am.



I previously mentioned that by getting up early you can organize/plan your day. THIS IS HUGE! Whatever you may be pursuing, it is imperative to have your schedule written out in a planner so that way you don’t miss anything. Also so that you don’t fall behind on your day. By organizing your day, YOU remain in control!

Along with organization I definitely need to mention ROUTINE. Find one and stick with it. I get up early every day I’m off work. And I choose one day per week to deep clean my house and wash, fold, and put away laundry. Once that is finished, the rest of my week is very smooth because I’m aware of what clothes are clean, locations, and there is no stress about finding the small things (socks, underwear, etc.) for my sons. That can be so stressful!



Meal time can definitely be stressful. On week days when I work, dinner is easiest when planned. My typical evening consists of getting the boys off the bus, one at 4pm the other at 4:30pm, then heading out for work by 5:30pm. The crockpot and oven are my best friend.

Most mornings when I get off work I throw items in the crockpot. There are some evenings when I throw food in the oven so it’s ready when the kids get off the bus. Whatever works best for you guys I suggest stick with that but plan it into your day. D9A955D6-253A-4472-8DE6-914189185A67


When you are the sole provider for your children sometimes the decision has to be made whether to be present or to provide. No decision is wrong, but it’s your decision. I choose to provide, which at times costs me presence, but for only a season.

I’m comfortable with this decision because I understand that it takes a village. I’m blessed with an extremely supportive family. They care for my sons while I work and actively build my business.

There have been times in business where there has been no choice but to bring the boys, but it’s during those times where the mothers take turns watching the kids while the others handle the hands on of the business.



Drop negative/ toxic people from your life immediately.  You are most like your five closest friends. Make sure you choose to surround yourself with people who have similar goals and beliefs. Seek advice from people who are already where you want to be in life.

If you are a mother pursuing entrepreneurship, some of your friends should be mothers who are also pursuing entrepreneurship. They are going through the same struggles and can be a support system.

Find mentors who are where you want to be. Seek them out and ask questions and take notes. Also don’t waste their time if they see something in you and choose to help you grow.

I hope by sharing these tips with you all, there is something you can take to use and add value to your life! Thank you all for reading and following the journey! Until next time! PRETTY GIRLS ROCK!!! Stay Killin it!

The “Secret” behind the glow!

Hello everybody! I know it’s been about a month! I have been super busy with basketball season starting up for my oldest son and I also just got back in town and situated after taking my second trip of the year! Which brings me to my topic for today! GET EXCITED!


“Cierra you’re glowing!”

This is a picture from my recent trip to Orlando the last week in January. That was my 6th trip I’ve taken in the last year and a half.


This is me just last weekend at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon making this my seventh trip away from life in the last year and a half.

Before August of 2016, I had traveled a handful of times. Only one time had I actually taken a family vacation for more than a week. As I entered adulthood, if I was lucky, once a year I would take a weekend trip away with my girls.

They were fun but let’s be honest, after rushing from work on Friday night and driving a few hours to the next major city, we only had one full day to cram in as much as we could, before heading out on Sunday, to be back at work on Monday morning.

That’s technically not a relaxing vacation.


Me zip lining for the first time over Fremont Street in Las Vegas. Look at that smile!

What’s changed? A year and a half ago, I made a decision that I would enjoy life more for myself and for my kids. Two years ago I lost my youngest brother and he had never been out of the state of Ohio.

Losing him caused a period of depression for myself and it also caused financial burdens which increased the depression.

I’m thankful I was able to find a way to look forward to living again and I found it in TRAVEL. Phoenix, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, and Vegas THREE times, have given me something to look forward to in between the days which can be stressful as a mother and a nurse.

Family, friends, and even my PATIENTS have noticed the change in my attitude, my mind, my heart, and even my skin! Some health benefits of travel include; Staying healthier, stress reliever, boosts creativity, increases happiness, and can lower depression.

To look more into these benefits of travel click here! Learn more!


My boys smiling from ear to ear on   VACATION!

Not only have I found something for me. It’s also something I can do with my sons and give the the peak life experiences I didn’t have. This is just the beginning of our journey. Thank you all for following!

My question for you is what is going on in your own life, that will be the reason you decide to make a positive change TODAY?

Check out video #2 on the link below!

Here more about the way I travel!